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All4Comparing - Water Options Comparison

Compare Water Bill Options In England and Wales water companies are privatised (Water isn't privatised in Scotland or Northern Ireland), but you can't switch to a different water company (like you would switch gas and electricity), to find a cheaper or better supplier.

The only choice you might have is whether have a water meter or not. If you have the choice, it's likely that if you have more people than bedrooms, a water meter may cost more than unmetered water. If you have less people than bedrooms, a water meter should save you money.

Beat the squeeze - Top tips to cut your water bill from the Consumer Council for Water Beat the squeeze - Top tips to cut your water bill from the Consumer Council for Water. An Excel calculator to help customers work out how much they would pay on a metered charge is available on the Consumer Council for Water’s website. The Consumer Council for Water are the statutory consumer body representing water consumers, and keep in close contact with the companies that provide water and sewerage services, and with water consumers themselves, ensuring the water industry and associated organisations recognise the Consumer Council for Water as an informed, influential and effective consumer champion, making the water consumers’ collective voice heard in the water debate and that consumers remain at the heart of the water industry’s thinking.
Uswitch -  start shopping around and make sure you're getting the best electicity deal uSwitch has an online calculator tog ive you your estimated annual water consumption and tell you if your water consumption is above or below the UK average, and estimate how much money you could save if you switched to a water meter. Water meter installation is usually free.
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