All4Comparing - Mobile Phone Comparison Websites will help you select the best mobile phone deal. There's a huge varience in price, and some fantastic mobile phone bargains if you search.
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All4Comparing - Supermarket Price Comparison Websites

All4Comparing - Compare Supermarket prices before you even leave your house. Don't pay anything other than the lowest price for the same grocery items.

MySupermarket -  price comparison for your groceries. MySupermarket allows you to compare supermarket prices to get find best possible price for your groceries. It's easy, you just start filling your online trolley and see how much you can save. - Supermarket price comparison website - Save time using this free service to find what's currently on offer at leading UK supermarkets, and compare prices.
Supermarket Own Brand Guide - Compares taste as well as price. Some of the own brand products are great - much cheaper than branded goods and the quality can be excellent. Have a look at [Martin Isark's website] to see how more than 2,000 of the own-brand products from all the main supermarkets fare against their branded rivals.
Fixture Ferrets focuses on food shopping promotions which can make a saving to your weekly shopping bill, Promotion types typically featured on include BOGOF and Multisaves. This site is not free, there is an annual fee of 5.20 so you'll need to be sure you will save at least 10p per week to make it worthwhile ;-)
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