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All4Comparing - Save Electricity

Save Electricity - Even after you've switched to the cheapest electricity supplier, there's some simple changes you can make to really drive down the cost of your electricity. Think green, it's great for the invironment, but remember it's very good for your pocket too.

Don't Leave Electricals in Stand-by Mode

TV's, DVD Players, H- Fi's, Game Consoles etc all use a large amount of electricity when left in standby mode. It make sense to known which items (Sky etc) need to be left on, and know which sockets they're fed from. Switch the rest of at the wall socket when not needed.

Tumble Driers Use a Lot of Electricity

Use a clothes line or clothes airer when ever possible, you'll really notice the difference in electricty costs over a year.

When Away for More Than a Day Switch Off Non Essentials.

Apart from the Fridge, Security Lighting, and Sky Plus (If anything's set to record), switch off all you can. Lot's of people leave their hot water systems and heating on when they don't need to.

Turn the Water Temperature Down

Most household's could easily reduce their hot water temperature by 5 degrees and never even notice. Over a year, the saving is huge.

In Winter, Wear an Extra Layer and Turn the Heating Down

Many of have got used to having a very warm house and sitting around in T shirts in winter. If you wear an extra layer such as a sweatshirt or jumper routinely, you'll find you'll need to turn the heating down by at least 2 degrees. A very big saving.

Turn the Light Off

Get into the habit off only illuminating rooms in use. Don't leave light's on elsewhere in the house.

Don't Over Fill the Kettle

When you've made your drink, the kettle should be nearly empty. If not, you're over filling it, meaning that electricity hungry heating element stays on much longer to boil the kettle.
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