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All4Comparing - Mortgage Comparison Websites

Compare these mortgage comparison websites to find the best mortgage deal. Mortgage Comparison Websites let you seek out the absolute best deals on mortgages. With the advent of the credit crunch, the gap between the cost of the best and worst mortgages is absolutely huge, and worth several hundred pounds saving in mortgage payments every month.

Over your lifetime, your mortgage is perhaps your biggest spend, therefore getting this right is vital, and well worth researching. If you save a few hundred pounds every year, imagine the benefit after 25 years !

If you get an improved interest rate on your mortgage, consider paying back a bigger % of your capital debt. Instead of choosing lower mortgage payments, you could pay the same but just pay more capital back each month, paying off your mortgage much earlier.

You can also check out a great set of Online Mortgage Calculators at RichDavies.Com

John Charcol - the UK's leading independent mortgage adviser John Charcol is the UK's leading independent mortgage adviser. You can find the best mortgage deals and remortgage deals online and get mortgage advice from the whole of the market. Award winning mortgage and remortgage advice.
Go Direct Simple mortgage comparison calculators to search & compare over 5000 mortgages online, combined with an easy to use free mortgage calculator.Go Direct Mortgage Comparison
The Money Saving Expert Mortgage Guide is a full 30-page printed and PDF guide on how to get the very best MoneySaving mortgage deal. It's completely free. Since Money Saving Expert Mortgage Guide guide was last fully rewritten, the credit crunch has hit us, house prices have dropped steeply and the UK is in a full blown recession. This has had numerous knock on effects to the way mortgaging works. The guide is still a very good overview, but isn't 100% up to date; Martin Lewis is in the process of completing a full update.
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